Before you travels:

Visit tour GP, Practice nurse or travel clinic to discuss your malaria protection and vaccination requirements(best before 8 weeks before you travel

Make sure you have a clear itinerary of your trip as you may only need antimalarial for part of your journey

Increase your knowledge of  malaria and other travel health risks by visiting,,
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During your travels:

First thing do is to reduce your chances of geting bitten. Follow your healthcare provider's advice and buy the recommended antimalalarial medication, mosquito nets and insect repellends(50% DEET)
Keep arms, legs and feet covered and limit outdoor activities when mosquitoes are are at their most active, such as dusk and down.Sleeping under a mosquito net impregnated with permerthrin can help provide you with protection

After travels:
If  you develop flu-like symptoms once you return home seek medical advice immediately and tell them that you've recently returned from a malaria-risk zone. This will enable a speedy diagnosis and could potentially save your life.

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